Case Study

The Problem

Alfresco recently worked with a national restaurant group who wanted to launch a range of drinks to sit alongside their food offering. This was the first time that company had investigated creating their own range of drinks which also meant that they had no experience of developing or manufacturing. It was also imperative that they had a partner to work with who was experienced to help and guide them through the whole process.

The Solution

The client approached Alfresco to with their initial idea of a range of soft drinks which would complement their food offering in their restaurants. They had some idea of what they wanted but needed a total end to end solution.

To help clients launch a new drink to the market, Alfresco has a 12 Step Process which allows the customer to work with us from start to finish. These steps include:

  1. Customer Profiling
  2. Ingredient Trends
  3. Menu Pairing
  4. Recipe Development
  5. Bespoke Packaging
  6. Cost/Margin Targeting
  7. Small Batch Trials
  8. Testing and Analysis
  9. Regulatory Compliance
  10. Activation and Sampling
  11. Distribution and Export
  12. Stock Management

Throughout the process, Alfresco worked with the client to ensure their original idea and concept came to market. The whole process using our 12 step process from the very start to launch took around 18 weeks.

This timeline also fitted in perfectly with their marketing campaigns for launching the drinks throughout all their branches around the UK.

Alfresco are also helping the client with the ongoing stock management and re-manufacture, working closely with their distribution partners to ensure the drinks are continually stocked throughout the group.

The Outcome

The client has received universally positive feedback for both drinks that were produced by Alfresco and they are now looking at other ways in which they could expand the range and reach of their drinks.

For more information on how we can help you reach your target market, please get in touch with us.

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