ANON spirits combine natural flavours and botanicals to create delicious non alcoholic libations, in 3 great flavours :

ANON Bittersweet Aperitif

  • Designed for spritzing, mixing and negroni making
  • Blends of natural flavours and botanicals : Bitter Milano including wormwood, vermouth, orange, gentian and quassia extracts.

ANON Spiced Cane

  • Use it like rum, it is designed to be drunk on its own, mixed with coke or in a great mocktail
  • Blends of complex flavours and botanicals create a warming spice with hints of cinnamon, lemon, vanilla and ginger

ANON English Garden

  • The ideal non-alcoholic alternative to Pimms, perfect for a sun-kissed summer afternoon
  • Blends of natural flavours combining classic summer fruits, cucumber, mint, orange, apple and strawberry

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