"See you at the bar"
Drinks that make a statement: Kylie Minogue and other celebrities in the beverage world

(line from Fine Wine by Kylie Minogue, released November 2020)

Celebrity endorsements have the incredible power to influence consumer behaviour and drive sales in the beverage industry. Whether it's a wine, soft drinks, or any other beverage, having a celebrity attached to a brand instantly creates buzz and generates interest among consumers.

Take for example Kylie Minogue Wines' Prosecco Rosé, which has become the top-selling branded Prosecco Rosé in the UK. This success can be attributed to the star power and influence of Kylie Minogue, who not only lends her name to the product but also actively promotes it. The result? £8.9 million in sales and a staggering 46% lead over its nearest competitor. Minogue says that "she has spent the last two years working with the team at Benchmark Drinks to develop a rosé that she is totally enamoured by".

CEO of Benchmark, Paul Schaafsma commented that "With wine, 93% of consumers haven’t been to a winery and a lot of the products don’t mean much to them. But when they see a brand from a star they know– a brand that’s part of their lifestyle and a personality they associate with fun and good times– it creates credibility for the product" (The Grocer, April 2023). Other "celebrity" wines within Benchmark include the Gary Barlow Organic White Wine range, the Gordon Ramsay Italian Collection, and the Graham Norton Wines and GiN range.

One of the most successful celebrity endorsements in the beverage industry is George Clooney's collaboration with Casamigos Tequila. Clooney, along with his business partners, Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman, started the brand in 2013. The trio's star power and reputation in the entertainment industry helped propel Casamigos Tequila to sales success and just four years later, sold the brand for a staggering $1 billion to global spirits company, Diageo.

And what happens when a celebrity goes against type?
Famous teetotaller Blake Lively recently announced that her Betty Buzz brand will be releasing alcoholic drinks in 2023. Despite some disappointed fans unhappy that Lively is not introducing 'non-alcoholic cocktails, sales are up, with Lively commenting, "Drinking isn't my thing, but flavour is" (June 2023).

American actress Jennifer Lopez caught similar flack for the launch of her alcohol brand Delola this year, so watch this space to see how Lively fares.

When it comes to drinks, it seems that celebrity endorsements can make all the difference. Many companies now turning to famous figures to help promote their products, and by leveraging the influence of celebrities, companies are able to ensure that their drinks make a statement - and stand out from the crowd.